An Agency?

I had this thought on my drive into work this morning. I don’t think that a company looking to push into social media can do so using an agency. They can’t head your social media division. It has to be someone from your company. The agencies job should be to teach you, even coach, but, they can’t take care of the whole thing for you.I know my ideas here probably won’t sit well with people running or working for agencies. Although the chances that one of those people reads me is a long one, maybe they’ll find me eventually but…I also don’t agree with what I’ve seen in social media campaigns. You run one blogger outreach campaign and then nothing? I agree there should be an ebb and flow to it, waves of outreach, but there has to always be some presence in the social media community. You can’t just get bloggers talking and then walk away, continuous engagement is what people want.These are my ideas, I’d love to hear your opinion!