Success, Fast!

Ok, the title is a bit misleading.This isn’t about how to get successful fast. It is, however, one of the keys to success.Don’t worry so much about everything being 100% perfect. The key is to do something to your best  and if your are going to fail, fail FAST. Do what you think is right, measure the feedback and change as fast as possible.It’s the fast change part that matters.From experience in my daily business to special projects I’m involved with I can see the difference. In organizations that have the will and ability to change fast and those that don’t. The ones that don’t (or can’t) are not necessarily the ones that fail long term, they just tend not to have the same overall success, suffer more during downturn, have less fun and work on boring projects.Iterate, iterate, iterate. It’s all a process of launching, gathering feedback, change and relaunching!Be nimble, be quick and fail, FAST!