The Penalty Box

So, to help me recover from my Social Media addiction, I’ve come up with a way to start easing the pain of my podcast listening. Over the past couple month I’ve become less enthused with some of the podcasts I’ve subscribed to. Some times it’s the hosts I get annoyed with, sometimes it’s just content that I’m no longer finding that valuable.So I’ve set up a channel, using CastRoller of course, to hold the shows that I’m getting close to dropping. I’ve named it the Penalty Box. The great part is I can keep track of them, and even subscribe to the channel in iTunes so I can download shows if I want but they’re not really in my subscriptions. I can easily see what I’ve moved there, and can easily add them back to my collection if I change my mind or remove them from the channel if I choose. Some people might not agree with the podcasts in that list, I know some of the people fairly well too, but it’s just how I feel, I’m doing it partly for my own sanity nothing against the people behind the shows or their listeners.In addition to that, I’ve been looking for really great shows, producing great content that has nothing to do with social media. I’ve been collecting them in a channel I like to call Podcasts for People who don’t listen to Podcasts. Check it out on at and let me know if there are other shows that you love that you think should be included. I’d love to hear more stuff and get a great collection of content there to hopefully get more people interested in this medium!