Campaign Waste

What would happen if all the time and money that is spent on the elections was put into funding for charities and research instead of the campaign. The though has been building over the last couple weeks mostly because of the coverage of the US elections that are still over 9 months away! It’s crazy how much time and money is spent on these campaigns. I think there is a ton of money spent in Canada too but it’s not the hype that I’ve seen south of the border. I recently spent some time in the states and I swear it seamed the only thing in the news is the elections! I’d like to see how a candidate would do if part of their platform was to cut spending, not fundraising, and use all the new, cheaper, tools available online and publicize the fact, dollar amount and recipients of you fundraising. I’m not saying to stop all your campaigning effort just cut back and/or substitute for other means. Send part of the money to breakfast programs in the area you need voters support, but also support programs like the One Laptop Per Child program. I’m sure there is a lot of respect to be gained in some of the communities I run in for that. The list of places that campaign money could be spend are endless. I’m no expert in the subject of politics but i find it so wasteful and I’d like to know your thoughts on how effective this might be!