From April 28 2005

I’ve been surfing through the WayBack Machine over on and having some fun checking out what sites looked like in days and years past. I figured I’d check to see what they had on record for and it was kinda cool to see what I was doing back in 2005. You can go over and check it out, there is proof of the date I published my first podcast and see some other things I was interested in at the time. I guess I started podcasting on March 29 2005 but I don’t have that testCast anywhere I can find. For a long time I’ve thought that my first publication was the 31 as that was the first bit of audio I have. If I remember correctly the testcast didn’t make it into the feed properly, as there was no enclosure tags and no site software at the time supported them, but I updated it shortly after by running it through feedburner. It seams like so long ago but it was only two years. My have we come a long way! From 2005