Do You Agree With Price Match Guarantees?

One thing that has been bothering me for a while is these stores with a price match guarantee. The thing that really gets me is that more and more place are starting to do this. My question is why would you do the work to find out the best price then go reward the place that wont do their own homework. I’ve run into a form of this in my own business, with competitors matching my pricing. We are know for, and pride ourselves, as being the first to print with pricing and that price being a no dicker price that we honour all year long. I believe that as a business you need to set your price and that is that. It just makes business easier and forces you to do your homework better. This sounds very old school I know but I guess my argument applies less to commodity items then other stuff.  Especially in this day in age when it is so easy to find everything online they should rely more a reputation of good service , quality and stock then price.