“Find Free Music”- Macworld

I still do like reading print magazines. I have a ton of subscriptions and they come in handy when traveling as you, for some stupid reason, can’t listen to an iPod during take off or landing. But that’s another story! Anyways I was reading an article in the latest Macworld (April 2007) entitled “Find Free Music” by Mathew Honan. It focused mostly on Podcast’s and Blog’s so I naturally took interest. I liked where he was going with the article but I was disappointed with the podcast recommendations (no Accident Hash, Mostly Tunes, DDR or CMC) but what really irked me was the line ” Music podcasts tend to fall into one of two categories: “song-a-day” podcasts and live podcasts.” WTF? Did this guy do his homework? Have you not looked around at any of the popular music show?