Gaming Mahalo

Wether you like Loren Feldman at 1938 media or not I think he’s funny. I like his no BS take on all the new “Web 2.0” things. I do think he took the Shel bit too far but that, like always, isn’t the point of this post. The other day when he had Jason Calacanis on the “Shel Israel Show” Jason said that you can’t game Mahalo like you can Google or other search engines. His reason for this is because as Mahalo’s tag line says they are the “Human Powered Search.”.I disagree with his opinion, sure you can’t game it in a automated way by buying links and such the way you can on google or yahoo. You can however corrupt people! Sure maybe to contact one of their “guides” and figure out a way for them to slip links to you in here and there may be tough but don’t think that it can’t be done! Everyone has a price!