iPod Touch

I figured it would happen, the moment I walked into the Mac Shop the decision was made! I now am the proud owner of an iPod Touch. It is one slick device, in typical apple fashion navigating around is amazingly beautiful. Menus sweep across the screen and the “flick” motion looks brilliant and feels very natural. Like I said the intuitiveness is Apple to a T! The cover flow mode is a cool option but I’ve never been a big fan of it in iTunes, and some items still lack the artwork to make the feature really pay off. I know you can get third party apps to do this and I can do it by hand as well but that’s just not easy enough for the average user. One problem I did find with making the Touch switch to Cover Flow mode was I tend to leave it sitting flat on my desk and rotating it from there does not trigger the sensor to switch modes, you have to pick it up, or at least tilt it up, in order for it to figure out whats going on. I understand this is hard to solve, and not likely one that will be solved, and most people probably don’t use the Touch in this was so not big deal.I also don’t like how the videos work. I never liked the fact that you can’t launch a video from the “audio” section and I never got why playlists with just video even showed up in the audio playlists anyways. What I really don’t get on the touch is why there IS no playlists for video! When you go into the Video menu you are presented with a list of videos with no grouping except podcasts which are group by the feeds they came from. I like to be able to set playlists and let the run, it’s how I best manage my media. I also noticed that if you start a video from the audio menus it plays the audio but not video. This is also kind of annoying. What I would prefer is to be able to have all the media on the device accessible from a unified playlists menu. Let me keep all the playlists in one menu, the typical audio (same as it is now without the video only playlists) in another and video in a third. The video menu on my 5th Gen iPod was a perfect example of how the playlists should work.Next on my list is their YouTube support. It’s insanely cool to be able to stream videos to the device but caching them so you can take them with you would be one addition I’d have on my list for upgrades. You also can’t click on user to see all their videos which sucks because it could be so easy to implement and very handy to use. The other disappointment is there is no join between your account on YouTube and you as a user on the iPod Touch so you can bring the favorites and subscriptions from one to the other. For YouTube power users this has to be a downfall.Podcasting support on the device works the same as on every other iPod, which is a huge disappointment for me. What I’d love is for my subscriptions in iTunes to sync to the device and then be able to check for updates from the device or the computer and download from either and sync new episodes both ways depending on where you download. You should also be able to add new subscriptions to the Touch and have them sync back to iTunes as well. This type of support is absolute top of my list for things I’d like to see in the first update. If the did nothing else I’d be happy.There are some other minor annoyances, like the keyboard is hard to use with my big fingers, which I’ll probably get used to using after a while. For some add reason you can’t add events in the Calendar, you can add Contacts that sync back to Address book but not Events. It’s also amazing how the finger prints collect on it. I obsessively clean the thing and I’m paranoid about scratches on both the front, yes I’ve seen the YouTube videos of people abusing the face with not a single scratch, and the back. I’m just waiting to see what kind of cases come out, hopefully very soon. At the end of the day, and I’ve said this to a few people, it’s hard to get over the coolness of my new little toy but I really don’t think it’s that great of a device. Most of my issues with it should be able to be fixed through software updates, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed.