iPod Touch

So I know I said I would probably not but an iPod Touch until it came out with a 80GB+ dirve in it. My how things can change! After talking to the guy at the Mac Shop, not that I needed him to tell me, I do believe it’s unlikely that it will happen! I also have recently had some money come to me which I am “Supposed” to blow and I got thinking how I would like to spend it. I’m kinda leaning towards getting a touch, likely the 16GB version. I would probably use it as a podcast receiving device and use my current 60GB “Classic” for just music. Anyways my point here is I was thinking about what would sell me, or break the deal, on getting a touch.

Deal Makers/Breakers
1) podcast receiving over WiFi so I don’t have to use my computer
2) google apps has to work (GMail, GCal, GDocs)

Really Cool Features to have.
1) calender sync with google calander (even if I can view GCal I need it offline)
2) can I still listen to stuff while I use the browser (comments while listening to a podcast)
3) Does wordpress load OK on it, like can I post/admin my sites?
4) Does the keyboard work in landscape mode?

I’ll probably update this over time, what am I talking about that’s not likely! I think the day of the release, Sept 26th I’m told they will be in the local Mac Shop, I’ll head down, maybe with out money in my pocket to tempt me to buy, and play with one and see what I think! By the way if anyone can confirm or deny any of the features that would be cool!