My Quest To Utter Video from a Mobile in Canada

I’ve been on a quest lately to find a way to publish content to the web in video form. It all started when Utterz released their new video features where you can publish video direct from you WebCam. That started the ball rolling and got me thinking about how to use Utterz and their “connections” to publish video, and audio which I have been doing for a bit now, while I’m on the move. I’ve always been a big fan of being able to publish where ever I am!.I tweeted about it and got a little response from Wayne about being interested in hearing the results so I’ve made it my project to get this done..So I have a few choices, I could stick with my current provider, Bell, and foot the bill for a phone upgrade and get a Blackberry Pearl. I like the phone, I’m not a big fan of the keyboard but I’d get used to it I’m sure. This would likely be the cheapest in the long run partly because I don’t pay the bill, it provided by work, but I kinda like the idea of getting a GSM phone from Rogers so I’m covered if I travel. I don’t goto Europe that often but I like my trip to the islands whenever I can so it would come in handy to have a GSM phone. If they made a Blackberry World phone with a camera it would be an easy decision. Currently Bell has a Blackberry World phone, the 8830, but it has no camera and the Pearl is available in CDMA only or GSM only not World!.If I get a new provider I would not need a voice plan as I’m not going to use it for voice, I already have that covered in my business Blackberry. Rogers is a good option to cover me on a Pay-As-You-Go provider with good options on phones at good prices but the rates to send a video or picture isn’t that great at 50 cents a message. Other then a simple phone upgrade from Bell the best plan would be to go with Telus, they offer a few phone options I like and I can have a phone on their Pay-As-You-Go service and pay $10 at the start of each month and have unlimited video/picture/text messaging..To me it looks like the best options price wise, phone selection you can argue till the cows come home, is Telus and Bell. They both offer unlimited messaging options at close to the same price. I haven’t talked to anyone at Rogers but from what I can see on their site they don’t offer any unlimited plans. I will likely make a stop in there before I finish up my research. But my feeling right now is that for me I have to pay the price and get a new phone from Bell! Stay tuned for more results.