Snow Day Plea is Total BS!

What timing! On what may hopefully be the last big snow storm we get I download and start to listen to the latest edition of CBC’s Spark. It’s about a kid in Virginia how called a school administrator at home to complain that the schools were not closed. Maybe it’s just because I’m already in a bad mood, but this really pisses me off!.The Set Up .There is a good write up of it over at the Washington Post, but I’ll do a quick recap here before I rant. Basically this kid was upset that schools hadn’t been closed and felt entitled to find out why, what ever that took. Apparently he called and left an administrator and got no answer, typical of just about any phone call you make now a day, and decided to call the administrators hose, thinking this guy bailed on work for the day, and left a message with his name and number there..The Result.We never hear the message that the kid left, which I think is cowardly on his part (Daryl agrees in his audio comment on the show), but he got a message back from the administrators wife who was more then a little upset irate at the fact that the student called her at home. He in turn posted her message online and thus started the commotion!.The Opinions from Spark.There were two people interview on the show frist we hear from Marc Fisher who knows from personal experence that “affluent Kids [from that area] feel empowered to speak back” and that there is a “gap in how communications is changing” buy agrees that this “doesn’t justify it.” Also on the show Danah Boyd agrees that “boundries of say school and home are nearly as distinct as they once were” ..My Opinion.My initial reaction is to say “It’s only snow suck it up.” And I stand by it, I think that in most cases your daily routene should not be interupted by a few inches of snow. Just this morning I was watching the news and I swear they blow it our of proportion. They were telling me how bad it was and after making the trip, and I think safer then some of the other drivers, it only took me maybe five extra minutes for a 15 minute trip. After a bit of though I have to say to the student that you don’t get a day off for snow, you get a day off when it’s deemed unsafe to get to school. Now what is “Safe” is a matter of opinion, and I personally think the bar has been set to low mostly because everyone is afraid they will get sued if anything happens. And as for the question whether or not the Wife over reacted, I think she did, but the student also overstepped his bounds. In her position I would have reacted not exactly the same but towards the same direction. That student had no right to call her home, and agree to some extent that he is likely a “snot nosed brat” looking for a day off! I don’t agree that it’s a generational issues either. My reason for this is, sure these kids live in an always on word but, if you and your friends choose to be always connected thats fine but only if both parties want that. You wouldn’t bother your friends parents at all hours would you? I think a false sense of entitlement made that kid feel he had a right to disregard personal privacy.. One Last Point.About the feeling that you have to sensor your self in public. I think that is BS too. I think you have to live your life and act in a way that you would not have a problem with anything being broadcast in the public eye. I’ve learned this from attending many events among Podcasters and Bloggers and having everything show up online!