Socal System Abuse

So I’ve had these notes in my notebook for a while! They are from on afternoon when I was on the ski hill in Byron after the power at work cut out and I couldn’t do any work. Anyways I was lucky enough to be there, I don’t get out as often as I like after just starting to go for the first few times in years. By the way, thanks to my super wife for the awesome Christmas present!.Anyways I’m by myself, iPod playing the latest podcasts, only one ear bud in because you have to be able to hear around you, and I’m chatting with the occasional person I riding up the lift with. I couldn’t believe it the first time when some stranger starts telling me that he’s on workers comp. and snowboarding is his “therapy.” The quotes on that are totally necessary because he said it in a tone that meant he was screwing the system! Then about a half hour later on the other chair lift, yes there is only two the hill is handy not amazing, a different stranger gets on a states “I love workers comp!” What the hell is with people?.I know people abuse the system, it pisses me off to no end, but who the hell has the guts to advertise the face that they are? I know some people over at the workers compensation board and man would I love to be able to get these guys names and rat them out. I’m not a tattle tale but these people are taking advantage of a system designed to help people who are hurt on the job not help you go skiing! Come on people our social system is strained enough without you milking it more!