The MacWorld Keynote

The MacWorld Keynote just ended and I was following along with Gizmodo, TUAW and Engaget. Personally I liked Engadget from the start but their reliability wasn’t so good for me and I liked Gizmodo the best by the end. My initial reactions are that there were some real cool stuff going on. I’d like to see the video, and will likely watch later when it’s up. The new software on the iPhones is good news for those who like the iPhone and would be great news for iPod Touch owners, me included, if the updates were free but I guess we’ll have to bit the bullet and pay the $20 cuz it’ll likely be the only way you can get the new apple approved third party applications! I’m going to wait a while and see what happens. I like my hacked Touch just the way it is for now! The new Time Capsule is an amazingly innovative add on to Time Machine. Essentially it is a hard drive (500GB and 1TB) built into Apple’s AirPort that will accept Time Machine Backups from multiple computers. Great for business and families with multiple machines! I wish I could update my MacBookPro to Leopard so I couple use both, it definitely is worth upgrading wireless hardware for! The upgrade to iTunes now having movie rentals is amazing, decent price for the rentals and a way better way to get HD movies! They also took a product that I kinda thought was a waste of development time and made me want one. That of course is the upgrades to the Apple TV. Integration for podcasting, both audio and video, is great as well as Flickr and .Mac photos, the latter also can stream video to the ATV! The big improvement, rather then the previously mentioned new features, is that you can buy music, video and make movie rentals right from the device. You can also download podcasts to it, all of which need to be added to the iPhone and iPod Touch. All this is really making me wish I had access to GOOD broadband at my home, It’d ALMOST move! The last big announcement is of course the MacBookAir, and let me say I’m no longer upset that I dropped my MacBookPro as now I have a better excuse the HAVE to upgrade. I’ve been thinking for a while about moving to the MacBook when I’m ready to upgrade. I like the portability of that more then I use the real power of the Pro. I don’t think I’ll be storming the store to upgrade though. I have a few questions, like can I get the 160GB drive from the larger iPod classic in it? They said they are using the iPod drives! The fact that they didn’t include a firewire drive kind of puzzles me. I’m not upset about it but it makes my firewire drive kinda useless on a regular basis but with a Time Capsule I guess it doesn’t matter. The lack of a Super Drive doesn’t upset me either. I’ve been with out for a while and I’m kinda getting used to it. The new “shared drive” thing looks kinda cool too, after all I’m usually around other computer when I need a CD drive anyways. I’ll be watching the Apple Store for it to be added and maybe I can answer my questions and who knows maybe even put in a Pre-Order. Steve did say you can Pre-Order the today!