The new iPods

I was watching the coverage of the Apple announcement today, for the record I looked at Gizmodo, Engaget and Ars Technica and I thought Gizmodo did the best job, and I couldn’t help but be underwhelmed. I like the new iPod touch but only 8 and 16GB? The 160GB upgrade in the iPod Classic is cool but why not keep the older model for a price point in a hard drive model, which is likely why it isn’t gone, with little upgrade and make the iPod touch in both Flash and HD? I guess they want to keep something for a future release, perhaps something else before Christmas! I’m getting close to due for an upgrade as my current 60GB 5G model is getting full and clunky. With the current announcements I don’t think I’ll upgrade until this one completely dies, I’m holding out for a 80GB or more iPod Touch. I would probably have bought one, if it was announced, with in the next month! Don’t get me wrong about not liking anything the progress with the iPod Touch is great, WiFi store and Starbucks integration are cool, and it’s amazing that the WiFi store seams to be available in Canada on the launch, which I wasn’t expecting. Anyways that just my initial thoughts and I’ll probably have more to update later, but what so you think? Oh and you can now stream the announcement here.