The New Job Requirement

So I’ve been thinking a bit lately about all these new jobs in Social Media. Jobs like “Social Media Strategist,” ” Social Media Specialist,” “Social Media Producer” and “Senior Manager, Social Media.” Whatever it is isn’t important, my curiosity starts with how do you get hired for one of these jobs and what determines the qualifications. There haven’t been, until very recently, programs in college or university to train for this. Even now they are just one small class in a program full of old media things, it’s great progress but I don’t think it’s enough to qualify you as a specialist. . I see two ways. One is to go through university for some sort of computer science, advertising, or maybe even human resources or radio production! Then with some other courses you’d be good but I’m not sure. The other way is to just jump in a do it. But can you not have any sort of degree and still pull that off? Why do you need a degree? I think it was at the first PAB I remember Julien saying that he doesn’t write a resume anymore he just tells people to Google his name a find out his qualifications! . I think I’m likely just as qualified because of my interest and history using all these new toys but I have no formal qualifications, I’m just some dumb country boy who went to community college for a couple of years and grew up in a family business! So now does anyone want to offer me some stupid amount of money to do one of these super cool jobs? Just kidding, mostly, it’s just a dream it would take a lot of work just setting up the environment for me to leave my job!