This post about Pownce stood out.

I logged into Pownce to post an event and noticed Will Spaetzel had posted a link to a Velleywag article about Pownce that I had somehow missed. I clipped a section, below, that stood out. I never really though about the fact that you could add a ton of friends whom you have deemed trustworthy of sending pirated music to add them to a group and use Pownce to send music to them all. Obviously sending music to the public channel would easily get you caught but a trusted group would be pretty safe! You can easily have another group of you “real” friends to use for all your other contact, twitter style, needs. This is all regardless of your personall views on file sharing and such of course. Hey I bet bands could use this for free MP3 promotions too!

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  • Pownce is the record industry’s worst nightmare. Precisely because the sharing of files is so private and so limited, it’s almost impossible to police. Unless the RIAA plans to enlist college students to sign up on Pownce and rat out their new “friends,” it’s hard to see how record labels will even figure out which of their copyrights are being violated — a necessary step before they can file a copyright complaint.
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