The Spirit of Podcasting

I just finished watching “The Brave One” staring Jodi Foster. If you haven’t seen it it’s not a bad movie but this isn’t a review. What it is about is a though I had inspired by a couple scenes in the film. I’m not going to go spoiling it for you if you haven’t seen it so don’t worry. The parts that got me is more of a sideline to the main plot of the film. Jodi Foster plays Erica Bain a radio host in the show and after her fiance gets beaten to death and she recovers from the her injuries and she goes back to work she starts her show with the intention of telling about the safety in New York City but, for emotional reason, can’t get the words out. The content is mostly unimportant, what is is the emotion that the silence conveys..This is not something you hear on terrestrial radio. After that scene there is one with her and her boss who says “That was almost a minute of silence” and “this station isn’t in the business of dead air.” The problem is radio feels like they have to fill every space with something to keep listeners engaged. This isn’t true, they just have to create compelling content. Now put your self in the position of a listener of that particular block of airtime. Would you have changed the dial after hearing a very emotional woman start a sentence and have to pause to regain composure? No you, just like me, would be glued to the radio and likely make a major point to not miss the show next time it was scheduled..This reminds me of audio that Tod Maffin played at Podcasters Across Borders. The audio from Ground Zero, the guy shooting golf balls into the streets. There wasn’t much there but you can’t help but listen. This stuff is the Spirit of Podcasting. Forget the medium, that is unimportant, it’s what people are creating and the connections they are making that matters..P.S. I don’t think I produce compelling audio, I just rant and tell you how I feel. If you want a great example of the best compelling, entertaining, audio in podcast format you have to check out Quirky Nomads.