Update on Derek Miller

If anyone is still coming here regarding the audio we put together for Derek Millers Birthday we have a few updates. Derek’s father started a blog partly to keep people updated and below is the latest news. As you can read he is going in for surgery tomorrow (July 6th) so lets all send good vibes his way!

clipped from penmachinedad.blogspot.com
I’m Derek K. Miller’s dad (penmachine.com) and have decided to join the world-wide “blogger community”. I won’t pretend that my writing will come close in its form to the erudition of Derek’s, however, I’ll endeavour to shape my submissions in a clear and concise manner. Derek has a degree in non-fiction writing, so I have an excuse if my writing does not reach his level.
clipped from penmachinedad.blogspot.com
My wife and I are spending these days under some serious tension. As you can tell from our son’s blog, he is going to have an operation to have a good part of his colon and possibly one kidney removed (he suffers from metastatic colorectal cancer). This precedure is scheduled for Friday, July 6. We all hope for his full recovery, but it’s going to be a lenghty slog. One thing we are proud of is the way he is dealing with his suffering – read his blog and you’ll see what I mean. Here’s his URL:

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