DeysCast April 5 2007

Last night Titus Ferguson, John Leschinski and David Peralty joined me at Molly Blooms Pub here in London for a geek dinner. We had a great time. I love getting together with like minded people who get it. I think everyone can learn a lot from each other and I hope more people show up to future meetups. I think everyone would agree we should try and make it a monthly thing. One thing I have noticed, coming from the Podcast side of this “New Media” thing, is that there aren’t many podcasters in London but there is a lot of bloggers. I don’t know exactly why this is but that’s what I’ve noticed. Aside from David, who co-hosts on a couple shows (WordPress Podcast and TechCanuk), I was the only real podcaster. I have been trying to move backwards into blogging more, so I think this is really good for me and I hope I can seed some people to start podcasting. Anyways there is a audio file attached which is just some thoughts I had on the way home.