GroupTweet Privacy Slip Up?

Really how is this a privacy issue on the part of GroupTweet, maybe the new code should be there but making a big deal about it seams stupid. I’ve used the service and not had a problem, I didn’t even fins the wording of the instructions an issue! Please people just be careful what you do online, and think twice before clicking.
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GroupTweet is a service that let’s users send private Twitter messages to a group of other users. It’s works great, unless you screw up and accidentally enter your normal Twitter credentials into the site instead of the credentials for a new Twitter account you create for the service.

If you accidentally put in your normal Twitter credentials, the service took all of your private direct messages on Twitter and published them. Twitter user Orli Yakuel and others found this glitch the hard way, and suffered major embarrasement.

First of all, he disabled all existing accounts. He updated instructions to be more clear. And he also set up the service so that only brand new Twitter accounts can be used – so if you still accidentally put in your normal account, it will detect it and show an error. Finally, the service now only retrieves message for one day.

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