How far will the border security go!?!

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With the recent attention to the DHS’s draconian policy on laptop searches at borders, a blog post by Steven Bellovin from last month is worth wider discussion. Bellovin extrapolates from the DHS border policy on physical electronic devices and asks why authorities wouldn’t push to extend it to electronic data transfers. “…it would seem to make little difference if the information is ‘imported’ into the US via a physical laptop or via a VPN, or for that matter by a Web connection. The right to search a laptop for information, then, is equivalent to the right to tap any and all international connections, without a warrant or probable cause. (More precisely, one always has a constitutional protection against ‘unreasonable’ search and seizure; the issue is what the definition of ‘unreasonable’ is.)”
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So you have to give them your username and password to access your computer and there looking at data on the laptop and mentioned data accessed from the laptop, VPN’s and such, so do you have to give them a VPN password? This seam like it’s going a little far, I can access any of my information, I keep a lot in the cloud, so they can force me to allow them access because I brought a computer. What if I bring a clean machine with NO data, not even a browser history? Then whats next, I have to register my passwords at the border when I’m not even bringing a computer? Because I can get to my info from any net connected PC!