Attack on the MY Rights

“BMI argues that the public performing right has long applied to on-demand, interactive streaming”

(Via Editorial: ‘Cloud’ Services and the Attack on the Performing Right | News |

If they didn’t brand it as a music locker, maybe just a locker that COULD play music, would they even notice?

They have their head SO far up each others asses I don’t think they know the sky is blue. I can’t even come up with words to describe how idiotic they are on this issue. I’d like to come up with an insult but I’d be wating my time.

Do they know what evan a CD is? Have they used a computer?


He probably dictated this to his assistant who typed it out then mailed it to their nephew who is “good with computers.”

I doubt they even know the definition on “public performance.”


et over yourself and how bad your business model turned out to be when computers came along. There plenty of people with real talent making money without paying your “tax.” You’re over and redundant. Find a new way to make money just the same as the people you were screwing over did.