Gas Pump Limit

So I drive a pretty big truck, I have reason to. One I just plain like to and I can afford the expense of gas and maintenance. Two I use it as a truck, carrying large object and towing trailers and such. It’s also a four door because I occasionally drive co-workers and customers around in it, some times through out South Western Ontario, so it has to be fairly comfortable. Now I’m not going to complain about the price of gas, it is what it is and everyone pays the same so whatever. What I have a problem with is the limit that the gas station are putting on the pay-at-the-pump payment options. My truck has a 120L tank and it’s easy to do the math at $1.10/L and with a limit of $100 for pay-at-the-pump, if I have less then a quarter tank I can’t fill it up in one transaction. Now how did they come up with $100 as a limit? And why can I just start pumping and pay inside with no limit? Isn’t that backwards? Is it going to take gas being at like $1.70/L, about the point most small cars would hit $100 per tank, before the raise that limit? For now guess what, I just hit the $100 and leave. I realize that it likely isn’t hurting the gas companies, they get it in the end, but that station isn’t getting my full tanks worth of business!