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For A Post On Community…

Reborn  The Parallel Parliament 1

For a post all about community why are the comments off and the people/business that are talked about are not linked?

Glen seams like an up to speed guy. He’s doing a good (aside from these issues) job blogging, tweeting and putting videos on YouTube.

Maybe I’m just an idiot with my head up my butt but, I don’t even know who he’s talking about with, “Our best known economist is using his blog and Facebook entries”, and I’d like to.

Hope it’s just an oversight.

And another thing.

I really hate when I hear someone say

“I wrote a blog about this”


Really you wrote a WHOLE SITE on one little topic or issue. NO! You wrote a post ON a blog.

Go to WordPress, the label to put up a new post says “Add New” under “Posts” not “Blog”. In fact there isn’t even a “Blog” heading! New Blog would set up a whole new site, on wp.com anyways.

Please just get it right or I might explode.


OK, you may not like what I have to say here, it’s a bit of a rant so…This is all to do with Social Media/Interactive/Blah Blah Blah “Professionals.”If you don’t have a blog why would anyone trust you.If your not the first Google result for your name, and in on the first page for some important keywords your not doing it right.If your using Blogger you need to move! There just aren’t enough options there.If you don’t have a domain name for your blog you don’t know how to own the content. I don’t care if you use TypePad or WordPress.com but, pay for a domain and pay them to use it! If you moveIf you don’t allow comments, or you moderate out any negative ones you don’t get the space.I’m sure there’s more, maybe I’ll update st some point but I’m done for now.</rant> And let the flame wars start in the comments below!

Finding You Sherpa

I’ve heard a lot of people who are becoming the “social media professional” at their place of employment because they are already on Twitter or have had a blog for a while and I’m not on board with this attitude.Sure they might be the most knowledgeable person around but they may not be the right person for the job. Now I have to say that sure everyone has a different opinion as to what each company should be doing in the social media space but there are a lot of right and wrongs for everyone.I do believe that anyone who is going to be the go to person for social media should have a blog, be on facebook and use Twitter but this does not a social media Sherpa make.I’ve had some discussions with people to try and come up with a way to qualify people and it’s not an easy task to accomplish. There are a lot of snake oil salespeople out there as well as a lot of people that deserve a lot more attention for what they are doing. The big question is how can we make it easy for those looking for a little help in this space to find the person who is right for them?

You Can’t Change Everyone, You’ve Got To Change Yourself

Reading a lot of blogs and listen to a great number of podcasts, specifically in this case the London Free Press Reader Rant Line, I hear a lot of people complaining about how this is crazy and so and so can’t do that. They seam mad at the world for keeping them down.The first caller in the last Reader Rant Podcast, episode 24, was mad that the Secondary Teachers got a better deal then the Elementary Teachers did. His call I’m guessing was before the union settled the last deal not to long ago, and he seamed almost militant in his attitude to going on strike. I actually called in a response, you’ll probably be able to hear it next week if you listen. My point to him, and I’m going to suggest it to everyone else, is that he’s not going to change the system. What he can change is himself! He can spend a little time to go back and take some classes and upgrade his teachers certificate so that he can teach Secondary School and thus get under the same union contract!To apply this to you, if you don’t like what you see at work you can change jobs, it may be hard right now but THERE IS ALWAYS JOBS OPEN! You just have to want it more AND make yourself so valuable that anyone would be crazy not to hire you. I’ve always thought that you should NEVER stop learning, and as employers you should never hamper an employees desire to learn. Sure they may become more valuable outside you company and leave, but the gain for the time they are with you and the reputation that you will gain for fostering this activity is well worth it.There are a lot of things in your life that you can change by changing yourself! Got any examples of something you’ve done? How about a problem we can help you find a change for?

An Agency?

I had this thought on my drive into work this morning. I don’t think that a company looking to push into social media can do so using an agency. They can’t head your social media division. It has to be someone from your company. The agencies job should be to teach you, even coach, but, they can’t take care of the whole thing for you.I know my ideas here probably won’t sit well with people running or working for agencies. Although the chances that one of those people reads me is a long one, maybe they’ll find me eventually but…I also don’t agree with what I’ve seen in social media campaigns. You run one blogger outreach campaign and then nothing? I agree there should be an ebb and flow to it, waves of outreach, but there has to always be some presence in the social media community. You can’t just get bloggers talking and then walk away, continuous engagement is what people want.These are my ideas, I’d love to hear your opinion!

Make Money Two Ways

Listening to the new podcast Media Hacks, as their calling it, temporarily over on the Six Pixels of Sepetarion Podcast feed for now and I’ve had a thoughts (isn’t that usually the way I come up with things).They talk about people getting paid for writing a blog post on some subject. If that’s your bag, cool for you, I likely won’t be reading. That is one way, as I see that almost the same as writing a blog and selling ads on the page, to make money from blogging. The other way, the way Mitch does it, is because people want to use his company to help them after reading what he shares on his blog. Sure they could implement the tips themselves, but every company is different and they are hiring him, or his firm rather, to get their knowledge customized to fit that specific need.Now the point that they never brought up is that Mitch can’t sell a post or ads on his site. Under that method of “monetization,” using the blog to make money else where, you loose credibility by selling a blog post.Go check out this episode and watch for the announcement of it’s own site/feed and I highly recommend subscribing to that. Chris, Julien and Mitch kill in this episode and they are planning on having CC, Hugh, and Mr. Penn or in the future.

Blogger/Podcaster Meetup Geek Dinner!

If you want to learn about Blogging, Podcasting, or anything else Media or just want to hang out and chat with people involved with the community come on out. We can help set up a blog or podcast or show you tips on how to improve. Any level of know how or experience is welcome. Bring a laptop if you have one, Molly’s has FREE Wi-Fi!.Molly Blooms700 Richmond StWed. April 2nd @ 7:30PM-whenever.FacebookUpcomingEventfulMeetup.