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First I want to say, I’m loving the London Free Press (lfpress) Reader Rant Line Podcast. It’s awesome to hear the opinions of Londoners, and most of them outside the “fishbowl.” Check out the latest episode for lost of opinion about the BS going on in Canadian politics right now. One thing I’d like to know is, what is the opinion of the general public in Canada? I think most of the people in this fishbowl skew to the Right, supporting the opposition, but the majority of callers do not! It’s refreshing to hear another side.Below is my opinion, a lot of these points I wrote while listening to the episode.

  1. The Canadian people elected a Conservative Minority Government.
  2. We elected Harper twice.
  3. I know it’s legal, they couldn’t/wouldn’t do it otherwise but Capital Punishment in legal in some states, just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it’s right or we have to agree with it.
  4. Sure Harper isn’t “doing enough!” He can’t! At this point it’s like the opposition will stand in the way of ANYTHING just to get “non-confidence”
  5. The opposition may not be “confident” in a Harper Government but that isn’t necessarily representative of what “we” want.
  6. In my opinion we are confident in Harper, we JUST voted for this government.
  7. Didn’t Dion’s Liberals looses seats? So why would he assume we want them in?
  8. Seams like Dion is covering his ass, first he realized it was him that killed the election for them (he stepped down pending the appointment of a new leader), now he’s trying to create controversy for the rest to make him look better!

You may say “But Bill your not a Liberal supporter!” I’m pretty sure I’d have the same opinion if the Conservatives were trying this.I just don’t agree with a colalition government. I’m not a real big fan of minority governments but there isn’t many options to solve that in a system with more then two parties (and I don’t thinks two party systems are good). I think we need to get rid of non-confidence. They should no be able to seize power this way. Should “we” be able to knock the government off if their doing something dirty? Yes, I think we need some sort of out if the government starts some funny business.I don’t know what else to say right now, more blog post and maybe some video is likely to follow as my thoughts gel and Harper address the country on TV tonight!

Conservitive Rally Sept 15 2008 – London Conventrion Centre

The quality sucks, had I know it was only 15 min I’d have jacked up the resolution, and maybe used a better camera! The camera also screwed up at the start so I missed some! Sorry!
This video was originally shared on blip.tv by billdeys

The Post Office Needs an Upgrade

So I get home a bit early today and I grab the mail. In the mailbox is a pick up tag telling me I have something I must goto the Post Office to get. It’s actually made out the Michelle with her maiden name, which after being married for 4 years is kinda weird but still I figure I’m gonna run down and pick it up. The Post Office is about a ten minute drive but I’ve got time and plenty of podcasts to catch up on so I head down..When I get there and hand the clerk the card she asks me for ID. Now I’ve picked up stuff in Michelle’s name before and she has done the same for me. I mean we’re married it should be all right! Anyways I say to her that thats not me, it’s my wife and she won’t be able to show ID with that name either it’s her maiden name and it’s been changes for year. She mumbled something and said Michelle will have to come in regardless..Now here is what I thought about while I’m nearly fuming at home stupid they are on my drive home. The clerk told me it was a registered letter from Passport Canada, which means they made the first mistake sending it to Michelle’s maiden name. They knew it had been changes, in fact the passport contained in the envelope has the temporary stamp they put in it when you change your name. See they don’t actually issue a new passport for a name change they put a little stamp thing in it and you get a new one with your new name when you renew your passport. So Passport Canada knew her name was Deys but sent it to her maiden name anyways. Second why can’t the pick up card tell you what you have to do to get the package? It should explain exactly what it is, who it’s from, who needs to pick it up and what they need to show or how much they have to pay. The card has some of these on it but the office never fill’s out the information. Finally, how old school is a system that won’t allow someone to pick a package up for some one else. What is Michelle, or both of us, were gone for a month? Doesn’t this seam like a broken system? They only hold them for so long before they send it back! Can’t the Post Office have something like I remember Blockbuster having back when I was a kid and renting VHS. Basically they had a list under the account that said these people can rent a movie on this account. Thats how I could rent movies under an account in my Mom’s name before Blockbuster deemed me responsible enough, by age only, to rent on my own. Boy are they wrong!.