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GitHub for Mac

“At GitHub, we think that sharing code should be as simple as possible. That’s why we created GitHub for Mac.”

(Via GitHub for Mac.)

I know it ruins my Geek cred but I never could wrap my head around git, love the idea and I know I should have just put more time into learned but I’m SO happy to see this. Was waiting to get my beta of HubCap, they may have just crushed some business.

Blogger/Podcaster Meetup Geek Dinner!

If you want to learn about Blogging, Podcasting, or anything else Media or just want to hang out and chat with people involved with the community come on out. We can help set up a blog or podcast or show you tips on how to improve. Any level of know how or experience is welcome. Bring a laptop if you have one, Molly’s has FREE Wi-Fi!.Molly Blooms700 Richmond StWed. April 2nd @ 7:30PM-whenever.FacebookUpcomingEventfulMeetup.

DeysCast June 5 2007

Camp Day at Tim Hortons Wednesday June 6th – Go Buy a Coffee!Bob GoyetcheSanyo HD1AGeek Dinner at Molly Blooms Wednesday May 6thSo the raw HD video file WAS 512MB and could not be played on the iPod. I converted it in iTunes using the “Convert for iPod function and it’s now 95MB. The quality isn’t quite as good but the aspect ratio is still the same.

DeysCast April 5 2007

Last night Titus Ferguson, John Leschinski and David Peralty joined me at Molly Blooms Pub here in London for a geek dinner. We had a great time. I love getting together with like minded people who get it. I think everyone can learn a lot from each other and I hope more people show up to future meetups. I think everyone would agree we should try and make it a monthly thing. One thing I have noticed, coming from the Podcast side of this “New Media” thing, is that there aren’t many podcasters in London but there is a lot of bloggers. I don’t know exactly why this is but that’s what I’ve noticed. Aside from David, who co-hosts on a couple shows (WordPress Podcast and TechCanuk), I was the only real podcaster. I have been trying to move backwards into blogging more, so I think this is really good for me and I hope I can seed some people to start podcasting. Anyways there is a audio file attached which is just some thoughts I had on the way home.

Geek Dinner in London

So I want to try and set up a dinner. First thing I guess we need is a date. My thoughts are that a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday night would be best. I figure that because most venues wouldn’t be real busy and I think most people can make that sort of a commitment. I do realize that it may result in people going home earlier as they will have to be up for work but I do too and it won’t stop me. We could change this if we come to a consensus. Next is a venue. Anyone have an idea for a place that we can get a bit of our own space, out of the way of other patrons? Another asset to a venue would of course be Wi-Fi. There would probably be a lot of things traded off (like food and seating, but not drinks) to get some Internet Access! Then of course who is going to come. I guess upcoming.org or MeetUp would be a good place to start but of course anyone, registered or not, would be welcome. Then we have to get the word out. So start posting to your Blogs, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Jaiku, where ever you can. Let’s get something started! By the way April 6-9 is no good for me as I will be attending PodCamNYC!