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A Gift Basket Owed

With everything I’ve been reading about Microsofts strategy with Windows 8 and Metro on Intel and ARM chips I think Apple better be sending a nice big gift basket to Redmond! When a user walks in to buy a new PC and starts down the “well this will run everything but this will only run apps that have been recompiled to run on the ARM processor” path I think it might just help sell some Macs and/or iOS devices!

Microsoft has such a huge opportunity here. If they would just bit the bullet and tell their developers Metro runs on everything and the traditional desktop only runs on full blown (Intel) machines. How many people keep asking for iOS apps on their Mac? It’s something I hear people saying would be so cool.

Metro everywhere would basically be the perfect hybrid of OSX/iOS for the Microsoft camp! You can jump between the slim, fast, and easy Metro UI when all you need is simple tasks (email, Facebook, etc) and for the power users (“business”, developers, etc) they can still have their power machines.

Business is in quotes because I don’t believe that most of those users really need the extra power they just think they do.

8 -11.04

So I heard a preview build of Windows 8 was available. Haven’t even give Windows 7 a real run down. Yes, I’m a Mac nerd, I have to use Windows at work and my software doesn’t run on anything past XP so…

Anyways, I dug up a semi old machine from the storage room, should be enough to run 8, jumped on my XP machine here at the office hit the 8 download link and though hey I should check out the latest Ubuntu as well. I’ve read about the new Unity interface and I have’t checked it out either. So I hit that download link too.

So now almost 5 hours later I’ve downloaded, installed and tested (messed around with) Natty Narwhal.

And that 8 download? Still says one hour to download, for the last two hours! Yep that’s Microsoft.

Sync In Plain English

Ford SYNC in Plain English by the Folks at Common CraftSo you probably know I love what the folks at CommonCraft do with their “In Plain English” videos and I do think, although I’m an Apple fanboy, the Microsoft Sync in car system is pretty cool. Well I got put on to this video by my friends over at the Social Media Group. Awesome to see the team up, and get the facts “in plain english” about the SYNC system. It’s also kinda funny that the MP3 player is of course a Zune but my question is does it work with the iPod?