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Twitter Intenship (Twintership) all Cons

In my opinion tweeting from an intern’s Cons outweigh the Pro’s. They just don’t know enough about your “brand” (company). They’re not plugged into the stream of info enough to have the goods and to know what they SHOULDN’T be tweeting! My other point is that they will not be building a connection that will be a lasting one.
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Tweeting your way into a Twinternship

So what’s a Twintern you say? Essentially, a Twintern is an intern, typically a university or college student, who is hired to be the official Twitter spokesperson and brand ambassador for a given company. A Twintern is in charge of reporting company happenings, as well as joining, actively participating in, and establishing online communities for a company’s brand.
Many businesses, especially ones without a definitive social media strategy or communications plan in place, are hiring twinterns to be their new media be all end alls. Twintern job descriptions encapsulate pretty much everything dealing with the social media sphere, including: influencer outreach, monitoring/metrics and crisis communications all in one.
I finish this post by reaching out and asking you, have you ever had any experience(s) with twinterns or twinternships? If you have, I’d love to get your feedback on your personal experiences—what worked, what didn’t and what you learned!
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Finding You Sherpa

I’ve heard a lot of people who are becoming the “social media professional” at their place of employment because they are already on Twitter or have had a blog for a while and I’m not on board with this attitude.Sure they might be the most knowledgeable person around but they may not be the right person for the job. Now I have to say that sure everyone has a different opinion as to what each company should be doing in the social media space but there are a lot of right and wrongs for everyone.I do believe that anyone who is going to be the go to person for social media should have a blog, be on facebook and use Twitter but this does not a social media Sherpa make.I’ve had some discussions with people to try and come up with a way to qualify people and it’s not an easy task to accomplish. There are a lot of snake oil salespeople out there as well as a lot of people that deserve a lot more attention for what they are doing. The big question is how can we make it easy for those looking for a little help in this space to find the person who is right for them?

I Swim in Different Ponds

On the way back from PodCamp Toronto I had a funny thought. You know that old saying about being the big fish in a small pond? I took that a bit farther and figure that most of us swim in different ponds, they all very in size as do we depending on which pond.In the social media community, partly those at PodCamp Toronto, I’m a pretty small fish, there is a subset of podcasters in that community that I’m perhaps a little but bigger of a fish, and I’m more then happy being there. I’m a substantially larger size fish in a different pond, which luckily happens to be the one where I get my food!, and to my knowledge no one in the social media community is even in that pond.My point is you have to realize your place in every situation and be OK with it OR you have to swim up stream to change ponds!

An Agency?

I had this thought on my drive into work this morning. I don’t think that a company looking to push into social media can do so using an agency. They can’t head your social media division. It has to be someone from your company. The agencies job should be to teach you, even coach, but, they can’t take care of the whole thing for you.I know my ideas here probably won’t sit well with people running or working for agencies. Although the chances that one of those people reads me is a long one, maybe they’ll find me eventually but…I also don’t agree with what I’ve seen in social media campaigns. You run one blogger outreach campaign and then nothing? I agree there should be an ebb and flow to it, waves of outreach, but there has to always be some presence in the social media community. You can’t just get bloggers talking and then walk away, continuous engagement is what people want.These are my ideas, I’d love to hear your opinion!

The Penalty Box

So, to help me recover from my Social Media addiction, I’ve come up with a way to start easing the pain of my podcast listening. Over the past couple month I’ve become less enthused with some of the podcasts I’ve subscribed to. Some times it’s the hosts I get annoyed with, sometimes it’s just content that I’m no longer finding that valuable.So I’ve set up a channel, using CastRoller of course, to hold the shows that I’m getting close to dropping. I’ve named it the Penalty Box. The great part is I can keep track of them, and even subscribe to the channel in iTunes so I can download shows if I want but they’re not really in my subscriptions. I can easily see what I’ve moved there, and can easily add them back to my collection if I change my mind or remove them from the channel if I choose. Some people might not agree with the podcasts in that list, I know some of the people fairly well too, but it’s just how I feel, I’m doing it partly for my own sanity nothing against the people behind the shows or their listeners.In addition to that, I’ve been looking for really great shows, producing great content that has nothing to do with social media. I’ve been collecting them in a channel I like to call Podcasts for People who don’t listen to Podcasts. Check it out on at http://castroller.com/channels/dontlisten and let me know if there are other shows that you love that you think should be included. I’d love to hear more stuff and get a great collection of content there to hopefully get more people interested in this medium!


So if you know me at all you’ll know I have a big problem with Expert being used with Social Media, or any other new Web thing! I have a few reasons for this.The one I want to focus on is, this stuff is too new for ANYONE to be an expert! If your marketing yourself, sure you want to pump yourself up, hell I’ve done it, in the title bar I had Social Media Expert for a while. Mostly just for SEO rank but that’s a whole different story. I understand that, I’m not a big fan though. On the other side if your looking to hire someone to do the work OR consult don’t fool yourself, the person your working with may know WAY more then you when it comes to Social Media but they are far from an expert. I’m always amazed to find out new tools that have been around for a while that I didn’t know about. One person can’t know everything in this space. Does that mean they wont get you results? Of course not! Can someone else do a better job? Maybe, maybe not. There are a lot of different ways to market your product so everyone will give you a different answer.What you have to do is find someone you feel you can trust and listen to them, it’s not a bad idea to seek second, third, etc. opinions but don’t be surprised if you get different answers. Ask questions from anyone your talking to. Ask if the first guys plan would work, if second guy shoots it down completely maybe guy two sucks. Go with your gut! Hey, this stuff usually isn’t like blowing your whole budget on a TV campaign so you can play a bit and if the guy you got isn’t showing a progress, can him!Whats your feeling? Had any luck? How about horror stories?

Three Types of People in Social Media

I was thinking about my experiences meeting and interacting with people both at events like Podcasters Across Boarders and Podcamps as well as at my local meetup here in London. In both cases I’ve run into what I think is three types of people..

Those Who Get It

.These people engage full on. They use the tools, mind you not nessicaraly all of them for one reason or another, but they use the tools none the less. They get the openness and how and why they share. They may not understand the full extent but the important thing is they TRY!.

Those That Don’t

.Either they don’t want to for fear of the technology or their privacy or they just can’t accept the openness of the movement..

Those That Think They Do

.These people use the tools but mostly for their own gain, and that being the sole reason for their efforts is not what it’s about. These people are the most dangerous to themselves, which I personally don’t care about, but more importantly to those that get it. They clutter up the space and give the rest of us a bad image. I don’t think most of them really understand what they are doing, some probably do but there they ones really abusing it!


Maybe there is more, I just haven’t noticed the suttle differences. I also in no way intend to piss people off with this post, it’s just an observations I’m making.

Web2.0 V. Social Media

It can be confusing but this is THE best description!
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Remember Web2.0? I’m often asked what the difference between it and social media is. My usual reply is that Web2.0 is an evolution of the philosophy of how we build the web. The social media phenomenon, however, is an evolution of the philosophy of how we use the web. Neither can exist without the other and both require their respective practictioners to re-think, well, everything, actually.
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DeysCast June 3 2008

A bit more though out continuation of yesterdays rant on the overabundance of social network aggregators that “add” features. Also get into why I think it’s hard to break out of the fish bowl. I think you have to bring people in not break out. And last I talk a bit about net neutrality in Canada.