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Web Dev on an Air

“First and foremost: I miss the backlit keyboard.”

via Using a MacBook Air for Web Development – Monday By Noon.

Partly just adding fuel to the fire for Will here.

I honestly thought I’d miss it too but, I don’t. I kinda forgot about the feature until after my purchase realized it a week later noticing that I didn’t miss it. I think my use has changed over the last year. I used to do a lot on the couch at night behind the TV. Now I do a lot more things (ie running) at night, sometimes just sitting outside with flesh and blood people.

Either way rumour is the next version will have the feature. Nice to have but I’ll be in no hurry to upgrade.

Oh and I did build the CastRoller App, albeit a small app, in xcode and it took seconds. Bet it’s not a huge deal to write apps on this thing.

What you NEED to know

Do you really need to know when the Mighty Eagle is ready again in Angry Birds? Do you really need to know every time your favorite team scores? Do you need a reminder on every calendar appointment? Do you?

What do you need?

Start there.

[From The Very Difficult Problem of Notifications — The Brooks Review]

This is a great article that starts with the problem we have with notifications but ends on a related note with a bit of a minimalist slant.

Do we really need all the info we think we do? Do we really need to set ourselves up for a flood? It’s like we’re standing at the bottom of a snow covered mountain yelling at it hoping we get just enough snow to fall to make a snowman. The result is likely to be much different.

On the drive home from PodCamp Toronto Will and I had a discussion about the battery percentage in the menu bar of the iPad. Will had mentioned that he turned it off because he found himself always worried about exactly how much battery was left. It never really mattered that much. I replied that I was the same way. Even on my MacBook and iPhone. We concluded that wether it’s 99% or 100%, or 89% or 95%, didn’t really matter when it came down to it. Even on a phone it’s not like a couple percent is hours different of run time. I’ve now turned off the percentage notifier, it’s been over a week now, and I don’t find myself running out of juice and I worry less about how much I have!

In the end that extra info was just one more thing to worry about. Another piece of information that takes up brain power that will not change the world. Turn it off and go do something cool!!

CastRoller Launched!

CastRoller Home PageA good friend of mine, Will Spaetzel just launched his new website, CastRoller.com. CastRoller is an online podcast management tool that has a lot of cool features that makes listening to to podcasts a lot more social. On CastRoller, you can see what your friends are listening to using your “homepage” a lot the same way the Facebook News Feed works. You can also share podcast episodes with your friends by clicking on one “Share” button. And all of your contacts will receive the episode in their CastRoller inbox. Plus, if they’ve added the RSS feed for the inbox to iTunes, they’ll automatically have the episode downloaded right to their iPod.I’ve spend a lot of time helping Will out with the site, and am very excited about this launch. I hope that lots of people start using the site so that we can start to really take advantage of the social aspects of the site.You can view my profile, and add me as a contact, on CastRoller at http://castroller.com/billdeys. And you can also watch the help videos I recorded for CastRoller here: http://castroller.com/help/gettingstarted

How Twitter Just Became Useless To Me!

I just went to the Twitter site to send a Direct Message to Will and noticed a new bit of text in the right hand info bar that said “Received SMS 250/250.” The “Received SMS” bit was a link so I clicked it. I now am looking at this page that tells me that I can only receive 250 SMS messages a week. I can send as many updates as I want but twitter will only send me 250 messages. I don’t know how many updates you see, and a while back I paired down the list of people that I follow that twitter will actually send me an SMS from but I still burn through 250 messages mostly before I get up on Sunday morning! I understand all the reasons behind why they do it. The cost of sending the sheer number of messages they do must be crazy and I know they are being blocked by carriers all over but is there not another answer? Here is a great statement right from their Phone/IM Setup page “Twitter really shines when you’re away from your computer. By hooking up your mobile phone, you can receive updates from those you’re following…” That is exactly it for me. If I can’t receive SMS updates Twitter is 90% useless to me. Looking deeper in that help page I notice “Those who send and receive messages over one of our national short codes (like 40404 in the US or 21212 in Canada) may send and receive unlimited updates per week.” I use the short code, I have since they set it up in Canada, so I don’t know whats up but I sent in a support ticket and I’ll keep you updated!

This post about Pownce stood out.

I logged into Pownce to post an event and noticed Will Spaetzel had posted a link to a Velleywag article about Pownce that I had somehow missed. I clipped a section, below, that stood out. I never really though about the fact that you could add a ton of friends whom you have deemed trustworthy of sending pirated music to add them to a group and use Pownce to send music to them all. Obviously sending music to the public channel would easily get you caught but a trusted group would be pretty safe! You can easily have another group of you “real” friends to use for all your other contact, twitter style, needs. This is all regardless of your personall views on file sharing and such of course. Hey I bet bands could use this for free MP3 promotions too!

clipped from valleywag.com

  • Pownce is the record industry’s worst nightmare. Precisely because the sharing of files is so private and so limited, it’s almost impossible to police. Unless the RIAA plans to enlist college students to sign up on Pownce and rat out their new “friends,” it’s hard to see how record labels will even figure out which of their copyrights are being violated — a necessary step before they can file a copyright complaint.
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