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This post about Pownce stood out.

I logged into Pownce to post an event and noticed Will Spaetzel had posted a link to a Velleywag article about Pownce that I had somehow missed. I clipped a section, below, that stood out. I never really though about the fact that you could add a ton of friends whom you have deemed trustworthy of sending pirated music to add them to a group and use Pownce to send music to them all. Obviously sending music to the public channel would easily get you caught but a trusted group would be pretty safe! You can easily have another group of you “real” friends to use for all your other contact, twitter style, needs. This is all regardless of your personall views on file sharing and such of course. Hey I bet bands could use this for free MP3 promotions too!

clipped from valleywag.com

  • Pownce is the record industry’s worst nightmare. Precisely because the sharing of files is so private and so limited, it’s almost impossible to police. Unless the RIAA plans to enlist college students to sign up on Pownce and rat out their new “friends,” it’s hard to see how record labels will even figure out which of their copyrights are being violated — a necessary step before they can file a copyright complaint.
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    DeysCast June 27 2007

    Back from Podcasters Across Borders having breakfeast on the front porch.Mark , Andrea , Ajay , Daryl , Tod Maffin , Nico , Sean McGaughey , William Spaetzel , Chis , Amaya ThompsonPAB2008 Only a Year Away! See you there!

    8 Things you don’t know about me!

    After being tagged by Jay a while ago I’ve been slowly writing this post. I’ve had a hard time comming up with 8 things but I have. So here they are.1) I played football for 7 years, all through High School and a couple years afterwards. That’s probably not too surprising but what would be is I actually played Running Back for a couple years.2) While playing Running Back I broke my leg and dislocated my foot. To this day I still have steel plates in my leg and you can feel the screws, ask me I’ll show ya!3) I can’t stand the thought of surgery, especially if it’s me. My second surgery on my leg they gave me the option of doing it then and there in the doctors office with a local and there was no way they were cutting into me without knocking me out first.4) I shot a car with a BB Gun once when I was like 10 , completely by accident, and the cops showed up and no one would believe me. Truthfully I was shooting at a pop can or something stupid and never knew I hit the car till the police showed up.5) I can’t stand being in larges crowds of strangers. Me and shopping at Christmas time are not a good mix. I get agitated easily especially at places like the License and Passport Offices.6) I am an extremely picky eater. There is very little that I like, I can usually find something on any menu and lately I’ve been trying to expand what I eat.7) I am a pack rat and the only tidy place I have is virtual. I have a real hard time throwing things out, I still have computers from when I was a child and only some of them still work, but I am obsessive over not having files on my desktop for any length of time and the file structure on my computers.8 ) I am usually far faster/better at completeing meme’s I just had a real hard time with this one (thanks Sean for the idea for an easy number 8!)OK so now I pass the game on to William Spaetzel, Vergel Evans and Brent Morris. More PAB2007ers that I don’t know a ton about, see ya there guys!