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And another thing.

I really hate when I hear someone say

“I wrote a blog about this”


Really you wrote a WHOLE SITE on one little topic or issue. NO! You wrote a post ON a blog.

Go to WordPress, the label to put up a new post says “Add New” under “Posts” not “Blog”. In fact there isn’t even a “Blog” heading! New Blog would set up a whole new site, on wp.com anyways.

Please just get it right or I might explode.

Thesis 1.8 and WordPress 3.2

Just held my breath after a WordPress backup and hit update. Couldn’t find any documentation to say that the new version of WordPress (3.2) and the current version of Thesis (1.8) played nicely together. Being that I like to run with scissors every now and again I took the plunge.

Everything seams to be working fine. So I’ll make the statement. WordPress 3.2 and Thesis work together </google bait>. The new dashboard looks nice, although I rarely see it. Maybe I will more now with this sweet new fullscreen new post thing. If you make Chrome go full screen (Shift + Cmd + F) it gets about 99% of the way to most of these distraction free writing environments that are all the rave right now. That and with WP’s auto-save functions it makes for a much nicer platform.

Now I just need to work on the bookmarklet so I can do my link posts easier!

Changes (2011 Version)

We all go through changes. I’ve been watching a lot of friends move, redesign and change their personal websites. I’ve been doing a bunch of posting on my Tumblr site and I like it there but, I’m conflicted.

I’ll be the first to jump on someone blogging at a .worpress.com site and tell them to at least but a domain and use it (which I have on the Tumblr blog) but I just wasn’t posting to here much. The tools seamed easier on Tumblr and the iPhone app is great.

I toyed with the idea of changing this site to show a landing page, basically the About page, keeping the old posts here then push people to read my new content on Tumblr but wasn’t totally set on the idea.

I also was thinking I needed a refresh of the theme. The old theme was by my good friend Nico of SnowyDay Design (you better be at PAB for that beer!) and, while I like it a lot, it’s been probably four years and what the site is to me has changed. I’v changed!

So, I was up late last night, moving where the site is hosted and working on a new layout. I went with a new install of WordPress and imported the posts, it should clean up the old legacy stuff but some of the content in old post is going to get broken. For that I’m sorry, I’ll probably never get back to fixing it.

Now I’m not a designer, I don’t pretend to be but, I’ve found a theme that is almost infinitely customizable that I can easily change when I feel like it and is very clear and simple, just how I like sites to be.

So I hope this will keep my mind on posting here, I also hope to start doing more video blogging soon. I will still be on tumblr, I like the community features and the ease of reblogging stuff, wonder if there is a good (read: easy) was to post items from a Tumblog to WordPress.


OK, you may not like what I have to say here, it’s a bit of a rant so…This is all to do with Social Media/Interactive/Blah Blah Blah “Professionals.”If you don’t have a blog why would anyone trust you.If your not the first Google result for your name, and in on the first page for some important keywords your not doing it right.If your using Blogger you need to move! There just aren’t enough options there.If you don’t have a domain name for your blog you don’t know how to own the content. I don’t care if you use TypePad or WordPress.com but, pay for a domain and pay them to use it! If you moveIf you don’t allow comments, or you moderate out any negative ones you don’t get the space.I’m sure there’s more, maybe I’ll update st some point but I’m done for now.</rant> And let the flame wars start in the comments below!

Why I hadden’t switched to the Tag’s built into Core.

Finally I can switch to the Tag’s that are in the core of WordPress! I figured I’d find a plugin that would allow me to do this eventually and the day has come. I found a simple plugin called “WP Tags to Technorati” that links the text of the Tag line to the Technorati link for that tag! It’s such a simple thing and it SHOULD have been part of the core but it wasn’t. I’d bet in the future they will copy the code to core but for now it’s an easy install and setup. Some of you may ask why I want to use the Tag in Core so bad. My reason is so third party apps, like Flock which I’m using to write this as well as other desktop apps and web apps like Clipmarks, can now tag posts you make from them.

Blogged with Flock

Upon posting I find out that the tag’s that flock add automatically link to technorati but that do not add them to the tag database in your wordpress install. That sucks!

Podpress Problem

Well the problems continued. Thanks Cat for the tip off that the shows were not being linked to from my site and in my feeds. The problem was the version of PodPress I was using had abug that would not post the enclosure info. I took the info and looked like it was doing the right thing on the admin end but after posting POOF it was gone. They have a new version up already that I installed and it seams to be working. Stay tuned for a new DeysCast tomorrow (hopefully!) and who knows when we’ll see a CMC.