Spring Cleaning

I did a HUGE clean out of my desk at work yesterday. Threw a pile of stuff away. Found some interesting items and filled two boxes with “stuff” that will go in storage with a date on them. After a year or so if I haven’t needed them they will likely be tossed without farther inspection.

Every hand full of years I find myself doing this. I did it when I moved the last time. Had a few boxes that never got unpacked and sat for probably 5 years. Two in particular got tossed. I do know there was nothing of real value in them and I’ve never missed anything that might have been in them.

In this last desk clean out, one notable find was some printed pictures in the pile. Old enough I think they came from my aunts film camera. Some shots of my old dog and my grandfather. Cool to come across them, in the new digital age we will not get this surprise. A bit sad, I think. I might take some random digital photos print them and hid them places, in family members houses too. Just so we can have some of these nice moments in the future.